Postnatal pampering: Restoring Mums Jamu massage and abdominal binding review


All images courtesy of Restoring Mums Ask a brand new mum how she’s doing, and you’ll most likely get the stock response, “Fine! Just a little bit tired”, accompanied by the sort of winsome smile that Princess Diana pretty much … Continue reading

Bread Street Kitchen with kids review: family-friendly food (with a few F-words)

Accidental Tai-Tai Bread Street Kitchen HK

Well hello there! Please excuse the radio silence these last few weeks as I’ve been busy remembering how to operate a small baby without breaking it – or myself – in the process. On the plus side, this has resulted in a … Continue reading

Burger Circus swings into Hong Kong with kid-friendly eats and super-sweet treats

Burger Circus top image

Now, given that our last foodie review was also a burger joint (The Diner on Arbuthnot Rd to be precise – review right here!), I’d hate for you to get the wrong impression about our diet, and Young Master T-T’s … Continue reading

Short and Sweet Singapore: A long weekend in the Lion City with kids!

Alex SG

I recently put together this piece on tackling Singapore in three days with a little one in tow for Playtimes Magazine. This was based on our own experience of a long weekend trip in the autumn (when we were also lucky enough … Continue reading

Visiting Hong Kong with the family? What to see and do in the Big Bauhina with kids!

Accidental Tai-Tai Hong Kong visitors map

As a parenting blogger, writer and editor who has produced a fair few words (!) over the years on family activities in Hong Kong for various publications, I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about planning an … Continue reading

FunZone Island East review: jump around in North Point!

FunZone Island East Accidental Tai Tai

Having recently received the heads up about a new branch of soft play centre Funzone opening in North Point, I was very keen to go and take a look, especially when I realised that the launch would coincide with Young Master … Continue reading

Where to buy baby essentials in Hong Kong: a new and used top five!

Accidental Tai Tai

So you’re having a baby — congratulations! Well, in amongst the less lovely aspects of pregnancy (nausea, tiredness, stretch marks and ALWAYS FEELING TOO DAMN HOT) are a couple of positives. One being the amazing shopportunities that a new addition to … Continue reading

Smart Mama Insider Card PLUS great discount!

Smart Mama Accidental Tai Tai

DISCOUNT ALERT! The new Smart Mama Insider Card offers you the same (and more!) fabulous discounts as the old voucher book did, but now in a wallet-friendly format! The Insider Card will usually set you back HK$349, but Smart Mama are … Continue reading

Riding the rails: where to buy wooden train sets in Hong Kong


Ok, so I appreciate this is something of a niche post, but then I thought that about the roundup of specialist Lego stores in Hong Kong too, and that one continues to be one of the most popular on the blog. Who … Continue reading

Pregnancy cravings: Flawless pampering with a Pregnancy Skin Nourisher treatment

Flawlesss top image

So as I may have mentioned in my last post, this weather isn’t doing my skin any favours at the moment. My arms and legs are drier than the Sahara, the Gobi and the Kalahari rolled into one. I could probably … Continue reading