Is it a spa? Is it a lunch? Splunch at The Mira Hong Kong review

Mira Hong Kong Splunch spa lunch review…. Yes, I said “Splunch”.

This *ahem* imaginatively titled new autumn promo from Tsim Sha Tsui design hotel The Mira Hong Kong is SO much more than its slightly awkward portmanteau name. Running from now until the end of November 2016, this weekdays-only deal is cracking value for money, bundling up an entire day of pampering goodness for HK$1,388 (+10%). So what’s in a name? Here goes:

  • A 60-minute Aromatherapy Associates Rose Aromatic facial
  • A 60-minute Mira Massage
  • A lunch buffet at Yamm restaurant (see our full review of Yamm’s family-friendly brunch here!)
  • Full access to the pool, heat facilities and fitness centre.

Mira Hong Kong Splunch spa lunch reviewThe full value of this package stacks up to HK$2,480, so you’re bagging a pretty hefty discount on an exciting, 100% kid-free day off! (Yes, we all know that’s what you’re really thinking. I’m happy to be the one to say it out loud so you don’t have to).

In order to more effectively complete the tough job of reviewing this deal (let it never be said that the Accidental Tai-Tai isn’t a dedicated investigative journalist), I teamed up with my Editors’ Ink business partner and fellow blogger Rach, of Hong Kong beauty blog Through The Looking Glass to hit the spa for our day of Zen.

Mira Hong Kong Splunch spa lunch review poolSituated in the hotel’s basement, MiraSpa is a cool and contemporary space – no whale music and stale old bowls of pot-pourri here. Entering via lifts from the main lobby, you pass right by the funky, LED-lit pool en route to the spa reception, where the friendly staff greet you with spicy cups of ginger tea and get you to fill in a short pre-treatment questionnaire. As well as the usual questions about allergies, you’re also asked to select your treatment room music preference, which is a nice touch. While there is an option to listen to a playlist from your own phone, I swerved this on the off-chance of The Gruffalo Story Book popping up on my shuffle halfway through my massage to harsh my mellow, and went with the standard spa music instead.

Miraspa VIP RoomQuestionnaire completed, we were led to our treatment room. Due to the high risk of my snoring/drooling, I usually prefer to spa alone, however Rach and I were booked into a VIP couple’s room for the “Sp-” portion of our Splunch. Happily, the space was huge – easily large enough that I wasn’t conscious of having another person in there with me – but if you’re easily disturbed you may want to fly solo or specify separate rooms when booking with a friend.

Miraspa VIP RoomThe treatment began with a relaxing foot bath and an explanation of the treatments to follow, before moving to the extremely plush beds. We began with The Mira Massage – a signature treatment that’s based on the Chinese Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, and incorporates aromatherapy with hot stones for an all-round relaxing experience. I prefer a medium-firm massage pressure, and my therapist absolutely nailed this, kneading out all the knots, and homing in on muscles that I hadn’t even realised were tight. After thoroughly working my back and neck into a looser state, she applied heated stones to my shoulders – an area that really tends to suffer when you’re in front of a laptop all day – allowing the heat to penetrate my sore muscles, loosening me up and enabling her to slightly up the pressure without discomfort. Both Rach and I agreed that the hot stone portion of the massage was wonderful but over a bit too soon, and would have loved to have a little more of this incorporated in the treatment.

But this is minor nit-picking; the massage was excellent and ended with a short head massage, which is one of my all-time favourite ways to zone out. (I once tried a Shirodhara treatment at The Secret Root Spa in Sri Lanka and it remains the closest thing to an out-of-body experience that I’ve ever had. If anyone knows where to get a Shirodhara in Hong Kong, please fill me in – I would be eternally grateful!).

I digress. Next up was the facial, and I’ve tried Aromatherapy Associates products in the past and have always been impressed with the calming effect on my dehydrated skin. MiraSpa’s Rose Aromatic Facial is a rehydrating treatment that also incorporates extraction for a deeper cleanse. Call me a masochist, but, although it’s painful, I always quite enjoy this bit as it’s vaguely satisfying to know you’re ridding your face of gunk (too much? Sorry.) The facial follows the familiar cleanse-tone-extraction-mask formula and also incorporated plenty of facial massage which not only is great for your skin but is also incredibly relaxing. Once again, I found myself drifting off, only for my therapist to gently wake me at the end of the treatment.

Yamm dessert Mira Hong Kong

A healthy spa day ends in… dessert.

Two hours always seem to go incredibly slowly in the run up to my kids’ bedtime (HOW is it only 5.15pm?), but always speed up when you’re at a spa. Happily we still had the “-lunch” bit of our Splunch left to look forward to, so we headed upstairs to Yamm. I’ve written before about this restaurant’s weekend brunch, but I admit I was quite surprised to see how popular it is as a lunch destination. Yamm’s buffet rotates around four different daily themes and has plenty of options for both indulgent, and lighter, more spa-friendly lunches. Of course, being fully committed to indulgence at all times, Rach and I skimmed straight over the salads, opting for a roast beef main with – what else? – several dessert courses. What can I say? It’s rare enough these days that I get to eat a meal without a small person demanding half of it. I go to town when I can.

MiraSpa Mira Hong Kong Pool Selfie

Obligatory cheesy pool selfie

In the six or so times I’ve visited The Mira, I have strangely yet to try out the pool. And so, despite the fact that there was a real risk I would sink like a stone after lunch, we headed back down to the spa to enjoy a post-prandial swim. As well as the obvious #discopool vibes, another plus is the fact that The Mira’s pool is usually quite empty, in fact, we had it all to ourselves for the majority of the afternoon. If you want to max out your chill, there are plenty of loungers and chaises on which to drape yourself, along with a menu of healthy juices.

MiraSpa reviewThe Splunch deal allows you access from 9am-6pm – we arrived at 10.30am and ended up (very reluctantly) dragging ourselves back to the harsh reality of Nathan Road at around 5.30pm, but if I were to book again I’d arrive earlier and make time for the sauna, steam room and floatation relaxation room (complete with water beds) as well as the spa treatments, lunch and pool. I’d also probably stay on a bit later and head for a drink – either at the alfresco Vibes, or at The Mira’s newly launched lounge space Decanter, that serves up a selection of wines by the glass along with tapas-style nibbles.

So the final verdict is a simple one. Splunch – questionable name, great deal. Get on it before 30th November and check out that #discopool.

Splunch costs $1, 388 and full details of the promotion are available online.

MiraSpa at The Mira Hong Kong, 118 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong;
+852 2368 1111

Please note that my Splunch was by invitation – thanks to the lovely team at The Mira Hong Kong for having me! 


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