Sponsored: Le Méridien puts the fun into family travel!

ATT_Blog Post imageRegular readers may know that The Accidental Tai-Tai loves nothing better than to hop aboard my private jet, tank up on champers and head off to a private island at a moment’s notice. Ok, back to reality for just a moment, and when you’re heading off for a family trip with the munchkins along for the ride (which, let’s be honest, is more cattle class than Cessna), you’re looking for three key features. Namely:

  • Comfortable, kid-friendly rooms with space for the whole gang, or, if you’re really going for the comfortable option, interconnecting rooms (no more hunching over a shared iPad in the dark while trying not to wake the baby!).
  • Great kids’ activities. As we all know, the stress of trying to keep curious small people entertained while away from all their toys and friends can make navigating a hotel room seem like one of those “Tough Mudder” assault courses, all “No, don’t chew on the remote!” and “Not in the kettle!”. Get them out of the room and burning off that energy elsewhere, ideally supervised by people with way more patience than me.
  • Distractions. Ideally edible or in the form of toys. As I’ve discovered, a holiday isn’t a holiday for a four-year-old boy unless he comes home clutching a load of treasures.

So when the folks at Le Méridien got in touch to ask me if I wanted to find out more about their Family programme, I was all ears and hoping for a bit of parental inspiration for our next family holiday.

LMFamily_3The Le Meridien Family programme has been tailored-made for those travelling with small people. I can only assume the people in charge of this initiative have kids themselves, as they’ve pretty much nailed it, ticking my “must have” boxes with a few nice extras too, namely:

  • Up to 50% off on your second room. Now, with a wiggly four-year-old and his baby bro, an interconnecting room is an exciting luxury. Both boys have previously had their cots shoved into walk-in wardrobes in the quest for pitch darkness and silence, but I’d say that this hefty discount deal is probably a better option for everyone involved.
  • Access to some pretty awesome Kids’ Club facilities at all Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts. These beautiful spaces are purposefully tech-free, meaning that even confirmed telly addicts can run, play, draw and make new friends. The clubs are really cool too – they all draw inspiration from the destination, so your kids get to play local instruments and even eat local snacks!
  • Le Méridien have teamed up with OUR FAVOURITE TOY BRAND! All little visitors receive a LEGO® gift on check-in. To be honest, I’m not sure that I need to say any more than this. Anyone who’s read my blog before will know how the Family T-T feel about Lego. They also receive a local Discovery Guide, introducing each destination’s family-friendly sights. Yeah, basically allowing you to cheat on your research. #parentingwin

For more on Le Méridien’s Family package, check out the super-cute video below then head to www.lemeridienfamily.com.

Please note that this post is sponsored by Le Méridien.


2 thoughts on “Sponsored: Le Méridien puts the fun into family travel!

  1. Hello, I love reading all your fun things to do in HK:) I looked into this, but I cannot find any information on the Hong Kong Cyberport location? It seems like maybe they have not launched their Meridien Family yet? I really hope they have and I’m just missing it! I need a fun hotel for my mom to stay at with our children while I give birth sometime this summer:) Do you have a link to the Hong Kong Meridien Family in Hong Kong? Thanks! xoxo ,Chelsea


    • Hi Chelsea!

      My understanding is that the Le Meridien Family programme has been rolled out across all Le Meridien hotels and resorts. Obviously there’s some differences in what’s on offer by location, but Cyberport should be able to give you all the specifics!

      Thanks so much for reading!



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