Everything is Awesome (part three!): Lego Robotics at Safari Kid!

Accidental Tai-Tai Safari Kid As mum to a completely Lego-obsessed four year old, (see here for where we shop for our bricks, and here for details of our trip to Legoland Malaysia!), I was pretty excited when we were recently invited to come along and test out Safari Kid‘s robotics class, using the awesome Lego WeDo system. Following a step-by-step slideshow that’s especially tailored to little ones, this smart class offers kids from three and up the opportunity to build their very own robotic models from scratch then watch them jump, kick and spin, all with the added satisfaction that it’s all their own hard work!

Safari Kid’s Pokfulam preschool campus is based on the Chi Fu estate in the lower ground floor of the Landmark shopping centre, and offers a bright and welcoming space for kids to learn and play. Arriving a little early for our class, we were invited to kick off our shoes, grab a drink and enjoy the toys and books in the waiting area – a smart and kid-centric touch that kept Master T-T occupied without whingeing while we waited.

Accidental Tai-Tai Safari Kid

Deep in thought!

The main learning space is beyond a large glass partition wall, and comprises an awesome indoor play area of slides, toy kitchens and fun spaces to clamber and explore. To the left lie the bright and spacious classrooms, cheerily decorated with fun and engaging posters and colourful artwork.

The class itself consists of a teacher leading the kids in a guided building task, following the clear and age-appropriate directions on screen to create their fully working model. Master T-T immediately warmed to his teacher and talked about her and his classmates almost non-stop for the next week! With just five kids attending the class, we found that The Boy benefitted from plenty of one-on-one attention, important in this age range (three-five) as kids can often struggle with the required attention span to complete tasks in full. In fact he didn’t manage to complete his model – a spinning bird – during the initial hour-long lesson and was a bit upset about this, although was soon comforted when I told him he could come back again and attempt some more moving modelling the following week.

Accidental Tai-Tai Safari Kid There are two sessions for ages three to five, and four to six years, with the idea being that those attempting level one will “graduate” to the older class and continue on with the programme. If, like us you have a kid who lives and breathes Lego, is interested in how things work and would benefit from the concentration that this class requires then I can highly recommend Safari Kid’s robotics programme.

Class schedule: For full information about Safari Kid’s current enrichment class programme, click here.

Costs: $1,000 per four classes.

Safari Kid, L101, Chi Fu Landmark, Chi Fu Fa Yuen, Pokfulam, Hong Kong; 2177 0001



Please note that this class was by invitation – thanks for having us, Safari Kid! 



2 thoughts on “Everything is Awesome (part three!): Lego Robotics at Safari Kid!

  1. Lego is just awesome . I can’t wait to introduce our son to the world of Lego. So far he as to deal with Lego duplo until he is abit older.
    This class sounds really interesting,too bad that they don’t have anything like that here in my area


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