Pregnancy cravings: Flawless pampering with a Pregnancy Skin Nourisher treatment

Flawlesss top image

All images of Flawless courtesy of Maximal Concepts

So as I may have mentioned in my last post, this weather isn’t doing my skin any favours at the moment. My arms and legs are drier than the Sahara, the Gobi and the Kalahari rolled into one. I could probably offer my services as a human dehumidifier, should the opportunity arise. Worse still is the reality that my campaign to avoid adding to the (fortunately quite few) stretch marks from last pregnancy is in danger of being scuppered by an alarming lack of elasticity around my mid-section. And I’m not talking about my lovely, stretchy maternity jeans here.

So fortunately for me, next on the skincare hitlist was an invitation by the kindly peeps at Maximal Concepts (you may know them best for their fab F&B venues such as Stockton, Mott 32, Blue Butcher, Brickhouse… ) to try out their Pregnancy Skin Nourisher treatment at super-cool Wyndham Street spa, Flawless. If you haven’t yet visited this airy, bright and tranquil space, I’d urge you to do so as it’s the complete antithesis to Central’s manic bustle and — being a Maximal venue — has great décor too, including a lovely outdoor terrace that’s crying out for a glass of wine or two with your pedi when the weather picks up a bit.

Flawless0280The Pregnancy Skin Nourisher treatment aims to fix your scaly bits in the most soothing and lovely way, focusing entirely on the body, and specifically on the unique needs of pregnant women. Using gorgeously rose-scented Aromatherapy Associates products, my friendly therapist first gave me a thorough but gentle exfoliation with a pleasantly grainy dry scrub. While rinsing off in the spa’s lovely warm shower, I reflected that this is probably how a snake must feel when they shed their skin, and the only comparable sensation I’ve experienced is that lightness and sense of freedom you feel if you’ve ever had a drastic long-to-short haircut. I certainly felt several kilos lighter as I returned to my room for stage two of the 90-minute treatment… and it’s not often I can say that these days.

Settling onto my side with a pillow thoughtfully provided to wedge between my knees, it was clear that I wasn’t going to be able to stave off sleep for too long, so I tried to focus on what was happening while I was still conscious enough to write it down. Seriously, all of my reviews these days end up with me snoring, but this is inevitably what happens when you give a pregnant woman with an early rising three-year-old the chance to lie down in a quiet, darkened room for an hour.

Anyway, the second stage of the treatment consisted of a soothing and highly moisturising rose-scented oil massage that combined just the right amount of rhythmic pressure to work out some of the (many) knots in my back, while at the same time giving my lizard scales a nice big drink and turning them back into normal human skin. I was encouraged to leave the oil on for as long as possible afterwards to treat my bod, but this turned out not to be an issue for sandpaper woman over here, as it had all completely absorbed by the time I left. I’d recommend not wearing a silk shirt to your appointment unless you’re planning on showering immediately before dressing. Or just really love a mid ’90’s Global Hypercolour look.

Flawless0160I found that the immediate effects of the scrub lasted as having a good professional exfoliation always encourages me to be a bit more mindful of slapping on the lotion after a shower, further prolonging the benefits. The Pregnancy Skin Nourisher at Flawless is another “great before a party” treatment that will have you feeling all glowy and polished, and would be great for sorting out your dry bits in the summer too, when skin tends to get a bit overexposed to both sun and aircon. There is also an accompanying Post Pregnancy Nourisher treatment that I shall be firmly demanding as a gift from Mr T-T as soon as I am able to walk up Wyndham Street again post-birth, so I shall report back accordingly.

Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm

Flawless, 4/F Sea Bird House, 22-28 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong; 2869 5868

Please note that this treatment was by invitation.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy cravings: Flawless pampering with a Pregnancy Skin Nourisher treatment

  1. My wife loves to read these tips as we are thinking slowly about our second child 🙂

    Btw, how you get these invitations for all the products, is it work related? Just asking because when my wife was still working as a beauty consultant she got invited to all kind of seminars and try-outs as well, however they were just from the major brands and pregnancy related products/ were good to use during pregnancy were not available at all! As we lived in Finland I think the biggest issue was that the market is so small that they don’t consider even offering such products over there


    • Hi!
      Companies sometimes reach out to me via the blog with invites, particularly now as I guess there’s not too many pregnant bloggers in HK!
      If your wife has a particular brand/product she loves it’s often worth reaching out to ask if you can buy online if it’s not currently available in your country.
      Thanks for reading!


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