Ryze Hong Kong review: the city’s first indoor trampoline park bounces into North Point!

As you may have deduced if you’re a regular reader, The Accidental Tai-Tai doesn’t often like to break a sweat, particularly when there’s the option of cake-time instead of gym-time. With one exception… trampolines. There’s something about boinging around like a lunatic that brings out my inner child, and so when I heard rumours that US indoor trampolining park Ryze was coming to our fair shores, I could barely contain my excitement, doubly so when I was lucky enough to be invited to Ryze’s preview day… today! (Can you tell I’m a bit excited about this?!)

Ryze HK Foam PitYep, the lovely folk at Ryze opened their doors this very afternoon  in North Point, and so I hurtled down there like a toddler tanked up on jelly beans, along with my fellow boing-ee for the afternoon and designated camerawoman, Rach of Through The Looking Glass.

The Kodak Building is easy enough to find between North Point and Quarry Bay MTRs, and the trampoline park is up on the third floor. Our first impressions were something along the lines of, “wow, this place is HUGE!”, followed swiftly by “OMG so many trampolines, let us at them!”. After signing a waiver to confirm that we wouldn’t sue Ryze if we did anything silly to ourselves (probably wise as we were quite silly) and removing all keys, mobiles and chunky statement necklaces, off we went into the brightly decorated green-and-navy space. To bounce! Woo-hoo!

Ryze Hk ReceptionThe 7000 foot space contains over 40 interconnected trampolines,  designed and built  to the most stringent safety standards. Jump away happily to your heart’s content, or get adventurous with:

  • A trampoline dodgeball court
  • Angled wall trampolines
  • Two enormous foam pits (I can confirm that these are amazing fun to jump into and nearly impossible to get out of in a dignified manner!)
  • Wakeboard-style bounce boards to strap onto your feet for even more ‘air’
  • Trampoline basketball
  • A tightrope that wobbles precariously over another foam pit

Ryze HK Sloping TrampolinesIn addition to general admission throughout the day, Ryze also have special under-sixes KidJump sessions every weekday between 9-10am; ClubRyze nights on Friday and Saturday from 9pm-11pm where the lights go off and the lasers go on and a RyzeFit class in the works, which promises to burn up to 1000 calories an hour whilst remaining fun – something that  no gym I’ve ever visited has managed to achieve, and probably the only exercise class I could imagine wanting to attend on a regular basis. (And, you know, 1000 calories. Not to be sniffed at for as long as there’s afternoon tea and Sauvignon in the world).

Although Young Master T-T wasn’t able to come with me this time, there were kids of varying ages enjoying themselves at the preview, and Ryze seems almost uniquely positioned to appeal to children of all age groups, not to mention their parents who were throwing some serious mid-air shapes themselves. Here’s an example of two women old enough to know better hooning around like idiots…

Ryze Collage
So, would I go back? Err, yes,most definitely! And given that Hong Kong is now staring down the barrel of typhoon season, this is a fabulous and reasonably priced way to while away an hour or two indoors in the air conditioned dry. There’s ample comfy seating for the the less adventurous, along with walls lined with charger sockets (nice touch!) meaning that, even if you’re not up for jumping yourself, you shouldn’t get too bored.

As Ryze have only just officially opened, their online booking system is still ironing out some kinks (update: this is now live here), however they’re welcoming walk-in customers and are a very friendly and welcoming bunch too.

Ryze HK Accidental Tai-TaiSo, all Ryze for Hong Kong’s most innovative new family-friendly activity, and here’s to 1000 calories an hour…

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday, 9am – 9pm (9am-10am KidJump under sixes session); Friday and Saturday, 9am – 11pm (9am-9pm general admission, 9pm-11pm ClubRyze laser session).

Costs: HK$15o per one-hour session; HK$95 KidsJump under-sixes session, includes one supervising adult; toddlers aged two or under jump for free. Online ticket booking is now available here.

Ryze Ultimate Trampoline Park, 3/F Kodak Building, 321 Java Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong; 2337 8191; jump@ryze.info


I was invited to attend this preview session but have gladly returned as a paid customer since!


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