QQQQQ: Meet the Accidental Tai Tai

Thanks so much for featuring me on The Guest Room blog today!

I answer 5 questions about The Accidental Tai-Tai and try to sound interesting in the process… No pressure, then!


The Guest Room


Kate is a freelance English writer and editor, at editors’ ink (www.editorsinkhk.com), and mum to a very active toddler!  Originally from the UK, Kate moved to Hong Kong, then Shanghai, then back to Hong Kong.  She blogs, tweets and instagrams about her life in the Fragrant Harbour.  Kate’s blog is called accidentaltaitai.


Hi Kate, can you tell our readers a little bit about your blog and how often you write?

My blog (www.accidentaltaitai.com) is a tongue-in-cheek and somewhat sardonic look at parenting and living the expat life – whatever that actually is – in Hong Kong. Like my son, the blog was born in Shanghai, and moved with us back to the ‘Kong a couple of years ago. The tag line is “Musings on parenthood, food, travel and other fun stuff!” which captures the essence in a non-too-succinct way. I aim to blog weekly, but the day job…

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