Top 3 kids products in Hong Kong for travel, bath and bed bribery!

…AKA, three awesome new distractions that I have used recently to buy Baby T-T’s good behaviour on planes, at bath time, and when it’s time to hit the sack!

Yep, I admit it, sometimes even The Accidental Tai-Tai’s expert parenting skills give way to offering “incentives”when the need arises. And when you’re in a pinch, nothing buys cooperation quite like something shiny and new. Here’s my pick of the bunch for when the going gets tough:

Travel Time
Skoot Ride-On Luggage
A much-loved gift from the doting grandparents, this hand luggage-approved, steerable case is great for the jet-set toddler. Unlike that other famous kids ride-on case that we all know and love, this one actually looks good, with retro Vespa scooter styling, and a handlebar that they can grab onto as you drag ’em around Terminal 2. Space-wise, it’s pretty generous on the inside, making this perfect for kids to stash their gear when you’re off on holiday (leading Baby T-T to christen it his “so many toys” after I exclaimed something along those lines in Thailand last year). It also gets plenty of use at home as an everyday ride-on toy, so a BIG thumbs up here. Thanks, grandparents!
HK$769, available in Hong Kong via

Bath Time
Meadow Kids Weird & Wonderful Creatures Bath Time Stickers
These stickers were provided for me to review, and I can hand on heart say that they have done a great job in distracting Baby T-T long enough for me to wash his hair without him making the sort of din that has neighbours calling the authorities. The set consists of six different animal heads, bodies and legs that can be mixed and matched to create terrifying mutant creatures hilarious animal combos. Baby T-T is especially fond of sluicing them down the tiles with the shower head, and the drainage storage bag with hook meant that they survived a trip to France without damp incident.
Approx HK$170; buy online via Amazon

Bed Time

Lil’ Nika Emi The Elephant Lamp
This is such a cool concept – Emi is a multi-purpose elephant hat-cum-lamp, if you can conceive of such a thing. This origami-style pachyderm comes flat-packed and ready to assemble with the help (or otherwise) of your kid, and is designed to be used as a table or wall lamp, or indeed a hat, complete with origami binoculars. Yep, really. Emi gives out a low-level glow that’s ideal as an unobtrusive nightlight when your darling child suddenly decides that they can no longer sleep in total darkness after spending two weeks in Europe (damn you, long evenings!).
HK$515, available via

So there we have it: if all else fails, you can always resort to good old fashioned bribery to get the desired results from your little cherub. Just don’t tell Supernanny.


4 thoughts on “Top 3 kids products in Hong Kong for travel, bath and bed bribery!

    • Hi Amy!
      It really does steer so much more smoothly, doesn’t it? I also love the fact that the handlebars are removable so you can stow in the overhead bins without taking up too much space. My son is totally obsessed with it (it helps that his is fire engine red!).
      Thanks for stopping by the blog! 🙂


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