Banof-faux pie for lazy parents recipe

Who doesn’t love Banoffee Pie? Apart from banana-haters and those on healthy sugar-free diets, obviously.

Assuming you’re neither of those (and if you’re still reading, probably best not), then this idle person’s recipe, courtesy of my Bro-in-law is for you the next time your children are:

a) particularly well-behaved and deserving of a treat
b) asleep.

Serves 4 adults (or approximately 1.5 greedy children)

  • 6 Digestive biscuits
  • 2 bananas
  • Smallish tub double cream, whipped
  • 4-ish tablespoons Bonne Maman, or other reputably French-sounding Confiture De Caramel (caramel sauce). Bonus points for salted. Mmm.


  • Crumble half of your biscuits into the bottom of 4 wine glasses, tumblers, or, if you’re going for cute presentation, clean jam jars (So chic! So rustic! So lazy!)
  • Add a generous blob of caramel sauce to each glass
  • Chop 4-6 slices of banana
  • Add a layer of whipped cream
  • Repeat until glasses are full or ingredients are exhausted. How long this takes is somewhat dependent on whether you used a champagne flute or a pint mug
  • Eat. Ideally when your kids are asleep while watching a TV box-set of your choice
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2 thoughts on “Banof-faux pie for lazy parents recipe

  1. this made me laugh as a full-time working mum with a 3 hour commute daily, I am so over reading about gluten free this, dehydrated that – bring on the digestives 🙂


    • Thanks Tracey!

      I’ve always worked on the principle that if I feed my son healthily (read: simply) 70/80% of the time then the odd pizza, dessert or portion of chips won’t do him too much harm.

      Thanks do much for reading and stay tuned for more lazy-parent recipes as I lazily discover them! (I’m too lazy to research any, of course!).


      Liked by 1 person

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