Tattly temporary tattoos: ink your kids (without being arrested!)

Baby T-T and I recently experimented with a bit of body art, courtesy of Tattly, a US-based temporary tattoo company. But unlike the typical lame Spiderman-and-glittery-Barbie transfers, these indie artist-designed babies are super cool, with hipster approved designs for your young Yakuza (and their Mafia mummies too!).


There’s designs ranging from kid-friendly animals to a few *ahem* adult phrases, that might be best worn on mum for a grown up night out than on Junior for a playdate.

Our top picks were a colourful lion for Baby T-T, and a latte for Mummy… very fitting for an Accidental Tai-Tai; shame they didn’t have a glass of champers, really!


Other hits from the kids’ pack included a jumbo jet (modelled here by Baby T-T’s homie and partner-in-crime, H-Rizzle), and a very slithery rainbow snake.


Tattlys cost US$5 per pair, and international shipping is a flat rate of US$2, making this an affordable, as well as awesomely artsy inking. I think this has cool birthday party written all over it – gangsta rap theme, anyone?


*Hypocrite mum alert* Let’s just hope that the fascination with tatts fades before Baby T-T turns 18…

Thanks to my lovely mate Jane for sharing the Tattly love!


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