Happy Anniversary!

Mr T-T pointed out the significance of today’s date over tea and Thomas The Tank Engine books this morning: five years ago today, we boarded our flight at Heathrow bound for a new life in Hong Kong.

In the interim years, we’ve moved house five times, lived in two countries; travelled across three continents on innumerable flights and met (and said goodbye to) many new friends along the way.

We also picked up a small passenger along the way, (we tried shaking him off a few times but he’s not having it), who has clocked up more air miles in his short life than I had in my first 28 years, and is now the only member of Family T-T to still be excited by a trip through the scanners at security.

It’s been quite a journey; here’s to the next five years.


6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Happy anniversary! 5 years fly when you’re having fun! We’re fast approaching our 6 year anniversary in Asia — 2 countries, 6 apartments, 1 wedding, 1 baby, 1 Masters degree and a whole lot o’ packing tape later and we’re still loving it! Who knows where we’ll end up next hey? x


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