Hong Kong ROCKS.

According to the very informative Hong Kong Geology website:

Mesozoic volcanic and plutonic rocks are the dominant rock types in Hong Kong. They comprise granite plutons, rhyolitic dykes and thick rhyolitic tuffs and lavas. Most of the igneous rocks are of Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous age.”

“But — although the history of HK’s rocks is clearly both fascinating and deeply informative — what does this have to do with the Accidental Tai-Tai?” I can almost hear you ponder.

“Is the endless grind of lunches, manicures and shopping finally getting her down, to the point that she has chosen to study the varying geological wonders of South China and impart this new-found knowledge to us, her loyal readers?”

Well, no.

My interest in granite plutons was piqued only today, when I went investigate a strange clunking sound emanating from my kitchen and discovered not one, not two, but three sizeable chunks of rhyolitic tuff inside my washing machine, about to hit the spin cycle.

Thankfully managing to cancel the wash programme before any debris smashed through the door at 1050 rpm (stealth washing machine boast as many only reach 800 rpm… only the best for family Tai-Tai!), I pondered how these lumps of rubble had found their way into my Zanussi.

Of course, there can only be one answer. Baby Tai-Tai required coaxing up a hill earlier today, and would only consent to walking, rather than being dragged, on the condition that I would exclusively refer to him as ‘Mr. Dumper Truck’.

So, fellow Tai-Tais, be warned before you give your helper the day off and attempt the laundry yourself.

Always check a toddler’s pockets.



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