First World Problems: The Accidental Tai-Tai’s Top 10 Travel Annoyances and Stresses

Having just enjoyed a very agreeable weekend away sans Baby and Mr T-T, avec a good friend (whose rather fabulous running blog is here), we both concur that living the expat life in Hong Kong can turn you into a bit of a princess if you’re not careful.

You get used to things being done in a certain, rather naice way, and when things aren’t quite up to snuff… well, woe betide the poor sap standing in the way of a Tai-Tai in a rage.

Without further ado, my absolutely deadly serious, tongue-not-even-slightly-wedged-in-cheek Top 10 guide to some genuine first world problems I have personally encountered this very week whilst on holiday:

  1. Aircon on airport bus too strong, resulting in unsightly blowing of hair onto lipgloss.
    1 a. Having to take an airport bus at all.
  2. Having to wait in an airport check-in queue. This tends only to be an issue when travelling *shudder* Economy.
  3. Unsatisfactory selection of coffee in airport lounge. Also poor perfume in Duty Free. Honestly, white with one sugar plus a squirt of CKOne is soo 2003.
  4. Seats that don’t recline to a 180 degree flat bed.
  5. Accidentally switching on the rainfall shower head in the wet room, drenching yourself in un-warmed water on slippy Travertine tiles. Brr. Also, hotel brand organic designer shampoo and conditioner insufficiently moisturising, causing hair frizz.
  6. Hotel room towels lacking fluffiness. Fluff-to-absorbency ratio is critical when ensuring a positive bathing experience.
  7. Egyptian cotton 1000-count bed sheets tucked in too tight, creating an unpleasantly restrictive sleeping environment.
  8. Room service champagne insufficiently chilled.
  9. Poor selection of imported cheeses on the breakfast buffet.
  10. Only two padded hangers in the walk-in wardrobe, resulting in having to hang a silk shirt directly on wood.

My friend assures me that I’ll recover from the above indignities soon enough, however I am feeling pretty shaken by the entire experience, and suppose that – at least for now – staying at home might be the safer option for someone of such delicate constitution as myself.

First World problems indeed.



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