Hello. Long time no see…

So, after a bit of a hiatus (The Day Job kind of got in the way a bit), I decided to revive the Tai-Tai. In the words of Tyres from the late, great Spaced: You lucky, lucky  people.

So what’s new? Well, aside from the aforementioned Day Job (sorry, thought this merited another link), and the fact that we’re now back in the ‘Kong, all continues the way it always did. Baby T-T is nearly two (insert ‘doesn’t time fly’/’can’t believe how big he’s got’ comments as applicable), and Mr T-T is still happily munching his way around the noodle stalls of Hong Kong.

We also now live in Discovery Bay, a place so weird that it will no doubt be the subject of many a post to come, and the only place in Hong Kong where you can pretty much guarantee the same level of curtain-twitching as you’d find in any really good suburban street back home. More on that another day.

Anyway, hello. Sorry it’s been a while. Nice to see you again.



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